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Coinbase: Cathie Wood, Bitcoin and disagreements with CZ. Everything you need to know

Potential good news in the last few hours for Coinbase, the crypto exchange that, like many others in the industry, has been facing several...

Cathie Wood’s ETF ARK with Bitcoin halved since the start of the year

In 2020, a speculative bubble inflated, causing it to soar an incredible +300%

Cathie Wood sells 235,000 Block shares to bet on Nvidia

Ark Invest liquidates more than $20 million

Cathie Wood: renewable energy will turbocharge mining

Wood is convinced that Bitcoin mining could help increase the overall share of clean energy

NFT News: Cathie Wood defines digital property rights as important

Hot Wheels launch collection with WAX blockchain and eBay registers metaverse trademarks

Bitcoin ETF: Cathie Wood is at it again

New application filed with the SEC to issue an ETF on spot Bitcoin

Robinhood: Cathie Wood buys 2.2 million shares

The purchase by Ark Investment comes as the stock has fallen about 8%

Bitcoin Futures ETF, Cathie Wood’s Ark files application

The approval of this type of fund by the SEC could be imminent

Cathie Wood sees bitcoin at $500,000

Ark Invest founder believes that thanks to corporations and institutions, BTC's value could rise tenfold within five years

Bitcoin, Jack Dorsey and Cathie Wood meet Elon Musk

"The talk" will take place tomorrow during The B Word live event

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