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Grayscale files revised form for its spot Ethereum ETF

For the Chief Legal Officer, investors deserve access to ETH in the form of an Exchange-Traded Fund.

Fidelity modifies the ETF Spot Ethereum question to include staking

The financial giant Fidelity has once again made headlines in the cryptocurrency space, this time with a modification to its Spot Ethereum ETF application...

News: Vanguard chooses not to offer ETFs on Bitcoin and defines them as too speculative.

The CEO Tim Buckley finds Bitcoin unsuitable for a long-term investment portfolio.

Cetera opens the doors to Bitcoin: approves the use of 4 spot ETFs

The financial advisory network Cetera embraces cryptocurrency investment products.

Two US senators ask the SEC not to approve any more Bitcoin ETFs: Coinbase responds loudly

According to the two Democrats, the introduction of other crypto investment tools would expose retail investors to too high risks.

ETF: Bitcoin is worth more than half of gold

The total AUM of Bitcoin ETFs has exceeded 50% of that of gold ETFs.

Hong Kong is ready to introduce Ethereum spot ETFs before the United States

What will the United States do in response?

The BlackRock Bitcoin spot ETF exceeds 200,000 BTC

New absolute record for the daily trading volume on the stock exchange: almost 4 billion dollars.

VanEck removes all trading fees for Spot Bitcoin ETFs until March 31, 2025

This courageous step comes as Bitcoin continues its rise.

Mudrex introduces US ETFs on Bitcoin in India: a new horizon for crypto investors

Among the various emerging platforms, Mudrex, based in California and supported by Y-Combinator, is standing out for its initiative to introduce US exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on Bitcoin to investors in India. This announcement marks a turning point in the field of cryptocurrency investments in India, with consequences that will extend well beyond the […]

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