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Official: the Swiss bank UBS has bought Bitcoin ETFs

They declared it themselves in an official document, even though the explanation is extremely limited.

Wintermute enhances Hong Kong Bitcoin Spot ETFs with Liquidity Support

In a significant development for the cryptocurrency market in Hong Kong, Wintermute, a global leader in cryptocurrency market making, has announced its support for liquidity for the new spot Bitcoin ETFs launched. This move, made in collaboration with OSL and HashKey, who act as sub-custodians for these ETFs, marks a moment […]

Bitcoin ETF in South Korea: we are almost there!

South Korea is apparently on the verge of approving spot Bitcoin ETFs in the country.

The $68 million investment by Hightower in Bitcoin spot ETFs: a sign of a new era for institutional crypto adoption

In a revolutionary move that has caught the attention of the financial world, Hightower, a renowned asset manager with over $130 billion in assets...

The Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong record inflows of $292 million upon market debut

Tuesday, April 30th in Hong Kong, 6 new spot Bitcoin ETFs were inaugurated, opening up the possibility of trading.

Bitcoin: good news for Grayscale’s ETF

First influx of capital since it went public in January.

BNP Paribas reveals to have bought shares of BlackRock’s Bitcoin spot ETF

BNP Paribas, the second largest bank in Europe, has announced its investment in Bitcoin using BlackRock's spot ETF.

Record of outflows for Bitcoin Spot ETFs: signals of change in trading?

Wednesday, trading on Bitcoin spot ETFs recorded the largest daily net outflows since their creation.

Hong Kong: volume of Bitcoin ETF trading lower than expected

Meanwhile, the price of BTC slips below $62,000.

With the opening of the stock market, the Bitcoin Spot ETFs in Hong Kong come into operation

The introduction of Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong marks a significant development in the global investment landscape.

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