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Crypto news: Elon Musk declares fiat currency a scam, impact on Bitcoin’s future

The meaning behind Musk's claim that fiat currencies are a "scam"

A scam worth nearly a million dollar on Vitalik Buterin’s account

Scammers posted a tweet of a fake giveaway on the Ethereum co-founder's official X profile

The new token scam from X (formerly Twitter) is also published on Facebook

Scam promises astronomical returns through pre-sale of non-existent token

The $60 million crypto-related scam: 458 arrests in Hong Kong

Joint action by authorities reveals sophisticated fraud network in the crypto world

US DEA victim of fraud: $50,000 in crypto sent to scammer’s address

The federal agency was hit with the "poisoning address" technique

The developer of the crypto scam BALD deposits 2,100 ETH on Kraken

The money is the result of a rug pull of liquidity on DEXs

Uniswap: employee fired for possible memecoin scam

Unethical behavior by an employee of Uniswap Labs led to his dismissal

Rumors: former CEO of FTX might be behind the Bald scam

Suspected involvement of those who still have access to Alameda Research's crypto wallets

Crypto scams on the decline

Sharp decrease in crypto capital inflows in the first half of 2023 towards illicit systems

Logan Paul of CryptoZoo NFT: still no refunds to scammed buyers

After six months, the YouTuber's three promises have not been fulfilled

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