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Crypto exchange market: Bitcoin and Ethereum queens of trade

The attempt to react to the rise proves to be a technical rebound generated by important coverings of downward short positions.

Why Cryptocurrency Matters

On my last piece I defended the idea that the market will experience a bubble due to the fact people over-hype projects and don’t truly understand the relationship between money and technology.

Alongside EOS, Ethereum governance can also freeze accounts

The great indignation that has affected Larimer's creature on the subject of governance does not take into account the fact that its main competitor can do the same

Don’t miss these EOS airdrops

DApps that are going to be launched on the blockchain are EOS's greatest resource, they're also wealth for those who hold the tokens

Here’s Neufund, the “Nasdaq of cryptos”

For the first time, the capital of a dozen international startups will be transformed into equity tokens, by means of completely legal fundraising on the blockchain. Here are the names of the first six

The Tether Case – the Bitfinex audit

Everything you need to know about the stable coin of the most important exchange in the world

Joseph Lubin Ethereum CEO affirms that “blockchain is a bubble”

Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum, believes that blockchain technology will be "more disruptive" than the Internet and that it will do "many extraordinary things for economic, social and political systems around the world".

For Jimmy Wales crypto no, blockchain yes

The founder of Wikipedia considers the network of blocks a mathematical fact that no one can ever prohibit. While regarding cryptos: "too much euphoria and pointless spending of money".

Russian mining, more and more illegal cases

The Khabarovsk government website redirected visitors to steal energy from their PCs. The malware was active 10 days before being removed

Ella Zhang of Binance Labs: “I can still see a crypto bubble”

For the head of the Binance Labs, the euphoria is still very present in the market and the valuations are unreasonable.

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