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Coinbase UK integrates Apple Pay for payments

In a move aimed at strengthening the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the United Kingdom, Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced its integration with Apple Pay. This development allows users based in the UK to use the Apple Pay feature on their iPhone to purchase Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and other cryptocurrencies.

Apple and the agreement with Google to bring the AI Gemini model to iPhones

The tech giant Apple is in negotiations with Google to obtain the license for the AI generative models Gemini, currently in the hands of the search engine, with the aim of including them in future iPhone devices. In the past, Apple had also contacted OpenAI, the parent company of the chatbot ChatGPT, to implement the technology in its own smartphones, as in […]

Apple Vision Pro: work and fun in the Crypto Hacker House

The Apple Vision Pro is one of the most popular products at the moment and it cannot be missing in the offices of the Crypto Hacker House.

Memeinator Blazes Past $4M with Red Apple Tech Partnership News

London, United Kingdom, February 8th, 2024, ChainwireMemeinator has surged forward, banking an impressive $4M in the public presale so far. The MMTR token is now...

The speculations about Apple’s entry into the crypto and Bitcoin world: what is happening?

The technology giant conquering the digital financial world?

The Orb revolution in the Worldcoin project: the future eye scanner inspired by Apple design

Orb, the Worldcoin eye scanning device, undergoing an upgrade.

The Microsoft stocks surpass those of Apple

It is a historic event, although not unique, but it may not last long.

How to Buy Crypto Using Apple Pay: A Practical Guide

In addition to exchanges, there are online alternatives such as BitPay and MetaMask, which even allow payments in cryptocurrencies through Apple Pay.

Apple removes the crypto wallet, then MetaMask re-admits it

It is not yet clear what happened, but there seems to have been no risk to users

Jack Dorsey invites Apple to embrace Bitcoin: a momentous challenge in the crypto world

The latest remarks by Jack Dorsey and Microsoft founder Bill Gates

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