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Apple Vision Pro: work and fun in the Crypto Hacker House

The Apple Vision Pro is one of the most popular products at the moment and it is a must-have in the offices of Crypto Hacker House. In the largest coworking event, this new technology stands out as a fascinating and cutting-edge product. 

Crypto Hacker House follows the avant-garde with Apple Vision Pro

In the heart of Salt Lake City, amidst the vibrant ecosystem of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and tech-savvy entrepreneurs, a unique phenomenon is taking shape.

All’mtnDAO, the largest community-managed coworking meetup on the Solana blockchain, is adopting a distinct dress code: the Apple Vision Pro.

What started as a trickle has now turned into a flood, as an increasing number of participants opt for these expensive VR devices, transforming the coworking space into a futuristic workplace where digital and physical realities seamlessly converge.

The charm of Vision Pro goes beyond its elegant design and cutting-edge technology: it represents a gateway to a new era of spatial computing, as envisioned by Apple CEO Tim Cook. 

Within the boundaries of mtnDAO, participants immerse themselves in a world where virtual landscapes blend with the physical environment, blurring the lines between work and play. Whether it’s coding, socializing, or even enjoying a meal, they do it while wearing their VR headsets, tapping into a realm of endless possibilities.

What sets mtnDAO apart is its organic evolution: a grassroots movement without influencers or corporate sponsorships. 

Here independent technological operators of the cryptographic industry converge to shape the future of finance, harnessing the power of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the Solana blockchain.

The dizzying success of Solana’s flagship token, SOL, combined with a flurry of blockchain project launches, has given these participants newfound wealth, making the high price of Vision Pro seem like a worthwhile investment.

The FOMO for Apple’s latest product

The decision to purchase the Vision Pro is driven not only by curiosity, but also by envy, fear of missing out on the latest technological trend. 

As rightly said by a participant: 

“I know it’s a $5,000 impulse purchase, but damn, I just received a $5,000 impulse launch”.

This sentiment reverberates throughout mtnDAO, fueling a surge in demand that has turned the local Apple Store into a hub of activity.

Within the lively coworking space of mtnDAO, a vibrant tapestry of virtual and physical interactions unfolds. 

Non-experts collide with cryptography enthusiasts wearing headphones, creating a dynamic blend of reality. 

Meanwhile, Vision Pro owners like Marbius and Anders Jorgensen seamlessly transition from digital workspaces to immersive environments, with their Airpod Pro providing an additional level of isolation from the outside world.

For Jorgensen and others, Vision Pro is not just a novelty: it is a tool for productivity and creativity. 

With a “completely immersive, distraction-free setup”, they harness the capabilities of the device to unlock new realms of innovation. Their visionary efforts inspire others, sparking a local frenzy that culminates in a rush for the Vision Pro at the nearby Apple Store.

However, not all Vision Pro owners at mtnDAO are cryptocurrency developers. Some, like Littlejohn and MJ, are pioneers exploring the potential of the device for gaming and other applications. 

Their entrepreneurial spirit drives them to create immersive experiences that go beyond traditional boundaries, paving the way for a future where the virtual and physical worlds seamlessly merge.

As mtnDAO continues to push the boundaries of spatial computing, one thing becomes evident: Vision Pro is not just a gadget, but a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and exploration. In the hallways of this crypto hacker house, the future of work and play is being redefined one headset at a time.


In conclusion, the convergence of technology and community at mtnDAO embodies the transformative power of innovation. 

When participants embrace Vision Pro headphones, they not only redefine the boundaries of work and play, but also pave the way for a future where the virtual and physical worlds coexist harmoniously. 

This basic movement, driven by curiosity, envy, and thirst for exploration, underlines the profound impact of emerging technologies on our daily life. 

Whether it’s coding, socializing, or venturing into the unexplored territories of virtual reality, the members of mtnDAO exemplify the spirit of innovation and collaboration that drives humanity to progress. 

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of space computing, one thing remains certain: the journey towards a more immersive and interconnected world has just begun, and mtnDAO is at the forefront, shaping this exciting trajectory.