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BRICS currency: ready to revolutionize the global financial system in 2024

A year of intense work for the development of a native currency: all the details.

The boom di Ethereum alimenta la crescita dei token DeFi

The total value locked (TVL) exceeds 100 billion dollars in the DeFi ecosystem in the last 24 hours

Arkham: Trump sold crypto for 2.4 million

For three weeks, the former president has been taking advantage of the increase in ETH value to sell the proceeds of his NFTs.

Kaspa, XRP, Solana: the crypto news and price performance

The latest crypto news and price performance of Kaspa (KAS), Ripple (XRP), and Solana (SOL) cryptocurrencies.  Kaspa, XRP and Solana: the latest news from the...

“Crypto are better than gold”: Vitalik Buterin confirms this

The co-founder of Ethereum places his bets on crypto

Netflix and Meta (Facebook) stocks: quarterly performance

In anticipation of the Q3 quarterly reports due on 26 and 27 October, there is good news for now

Digital Dollar Project launches a project with Ripple

A digital dollar could be of great help in stabilizing a financial system

Data on US economy disprove recession

The US economy is in too good a state of health to be or to enter a recession

Euro at its lowest against the dollar since 2002

Recession is upon us, for both Europe and the US

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