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Countdown to Blockchain and Crypto Values Conference in Milan

Countdown to Blockchain and Crypto Values Conference in Milan. Leggi qui l’articolo in Italiano.

The countdown has begun for the first conference that Codemotion dedicates to the world of Blockchain.

It will be held in Milan in less than a month, precisely June 14, at the East End Studios in via Mecenate 88.

According to the latest news communicated by the organizers, the conference will be preceded by three free webinars in English, dedicated respectively to:

The hope and the hype of Blockchain, Dino Esposito: 22 May, 6:30 pm (duration: 45 min)

From Crypto Kitties to non-fungible token to ERC721 standard, Stefano Maestri: 24 May, 6:30 pm (duration: 45 min)

Through the looking glass (of the blockchain), Alessandro Confetti: 29 May, 6.30 pm (duration: 45 min)

The Codemotion event “Blockchain and Crypto Values Conference” is aimed at all those who wish to explore the practical applications of blockchain technology, for people and companies.

In the East End Studios space there will be mainly industry professionals such as CTOs, marketers, developers, IT specialists, but also CEOs, entrepreneurs, and startup representatives.

The program includes a morning session of inspirational talks and testimonials from the big names in the industry and talks dedicated to specific case studies experienced by IT companies working with blockchain technology.

On stage, among others:

Peter Todd, Decentralized Consensus Consultant and Bitcoin Core Developer, certainly one of the 50 most influential figures in the cryptocurrency world.

William Mougayar, Author of The Business Blockchain bestseller;  

Giacomo Zucco, Bitcoin Evangelist, Technology Consultant;

Raffaele Mauro, Author of Hacking Finance;

Simona Macellari, Director of BlockchainLab;  

Audrey Chaing, Cryptocurrency Trader and Blockchain Analyst of Blockchaing;  

Adam “SECCOUR” Schneider, Bitcoiner, Crypto-anarchist and Cypherpunk;  

Luca Nizzardo, Cryptography Researcher for IMDEA Software;  

Stefano Gatti, Head of Development Funds Management Unit of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti S.p.A;

Giorgio Mazzoli, UN Representative for ADF International;

 Riccardo Casatta, CEO of Eternity Wall;

Ivan Kamakin, Co-Founder of Dolphin Blockchain Intelligence

The Cryptonomist, as well as being a media partner, will be present at the Codemotion event with some journalists and contributors from the editorial staff.

All members of our mailing list will receive 30% discount tickets in three categories: Business ticket Standard, Startup ticket Standard and Developers ticket Standard.

Info and tickets here.

Claudio Kaufmann
Claudio Kaufmann
A professional journalist, former editorial director of ITForum News: previously deputy director of the Italian newspapers "Finanza & Mercati" (finance and markets) and "Borsa & Finanza" (stock market and finance). He has been author and anchorman of television programs dedicated to politics, economics, and finance.