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HTC announces the first blockchain phone

HTC announces the first blockchain phone. Leggi qui l’articolo in Italiano.

The Taiwanese company, producer of HTC smartphones, announced that they’re working on Exodus, the world’s first blockchain phone.

The phone will run Android and it will be created in order to be compatible with decentralised applications (DApp).

Moreover, it will include a built-in secure hardware enclave to guarantee the access to a cryptocurrency universal wallet from the phone itself.

This way, the client will have at his disposition a bulti-in wallet for cryptocurrencies and it will be able to use DApp necessitating just the installation.

HTC is taking in consideration the idea of a new network based on blockchain that would link all the Exodus phones and so facilitate the trading of cryptocurrencies.

They price haven’t been decided yet, but they’re thinking about cryptocurrencies as a valid payment system.

HTC blockchain smartphone

Chief Decentralised OfficerPhil Chen (HTC), declared: “ Thank to Exodus we’ll be able to support protocols such as Bitcoin, Lightning Networks, Ethereum, Dfinity etc.. We would like to support the entire blockchain ecosystem and in the next few months we’ll announce new partnerships. We want to create a device that will ensure to our clients the best experience with blockchain and decentralised applications.

HTC in not the first company announcing a similar project, since this type of ad is basically used to promote brands that are studying this technology.

Even if they’re presented as devices that offer a greater security, integrating for example the cold storage of token on the phone itself, or consenting the direct trading of cryptocurrencies within the users, the real cons are a mystery since these features may be available in any type of smartphone thanks to dedicated softwares.

We don’t really know the real cons of a smartphone based on blockchain, not until we start using it.

I think that this phone is the hub for the Web 3.0 and the origin of data. With the idea of Esodo (“Exodus” in latin) comes to mind a phrase from the Bible “Let my people go”, that in this case is more like “Let my data go.” I think that people should realise that we’re a in digital world, that you’re not really using these services for free, you’re giving up your entire digital identity, and in this world you’re a no one if you’re not in control of it”, said Chen.

In this case, the blockchain might have a real impact concerning the data security, but it’s not clear how.

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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