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Kind Heaven, an ICO by the Lollapalooza’s founder

Kind Heaven is a new way to get in touch with different cultures through an immersive 360 omnichannel entertainment.

Kind Heaven: This movement combines cutting-edge technology with a Hollywood style of storytelling in order to transport tourists to a new world where they will be able to experience the Asian culture thanks to state-of-the-art multisensory platforms.

Created by Lollapalooza’s founder and Jane’s Addiction frontman, Perry Farrell, film producer, Cary Granat and special effects legend, Ed Jones, Kind Heaven is an ‘all senses’ experience where people will encounter sounds, touch, tastes and smells, as well as danger, mystery, intrigue in order to know and understand the Asian culture.

Cryptonomist had the chance to interviewed Perry Farrell and Cary Granat.

How and when did your interest in the blockchain start?

Cary Granat: My interest in blockchain started in 2014 when I was teaching a class at Tufts University – where I am on the board of the Communications school – and a bunch of students were challenging me on the advent of blockchain technologies and their importance to business going forward. I love their passion for the disruption and the excitement for the new worlds this approach would open up. I immediately started reading and reading and reading. Yet, initially, I could not find any real applications. However, I found much theory. Then, like a tidal wave, I tapped into the importance and usage and from there it’s been history!

Can you give us more info about the ICO? How much money do you want to collect? When will it start? What’s the price of the token?

C: We will soon be announcing our funding goal and private ICO dates.

Kind Heaven is offering the blockchain community unprecedented VIP proprietary access to engage with the Kind Heaven ecosystem through immersive physical and digital experiences, as well as the opportunity to access content produced by up and coming musical artists, including interacting with the musical artists directly. The ICO will give us the funds necessary to build a world-class immersive experience for our guests and to launch a marketing campaign that attracts guests to our unique venue.

Yala Coin is a standard Ethereum  ERC20 cryptographic token — 1 Yala  = 0.25 USD. ERC20 has quickly become the most widely-used smart contract solution for new cryptocurrency projects. Thus far, Ethereum’s on-chain blockchain solution has proven to be scalable enough to meet the anticipated demands of the Kind Heaven project. Our development team will closely monitor the ongoing Ethereum 2.0 upgrade and make the necessary changes to our technology accordingly.

Our company is distinguishing ourselves as an ICO in several pretty substantial ways. Number one is that our management and operations teams have built several multi-billion dollar companies are known as hardcore operators who have consistently built sustainable businesses that continue to thrive and are well known throughout the entertainment industry. As well, the fact that we are physical location and are planning to have a series of physical locations further distinguishes us as an ICO. We are generally the first of a group of the ICO’s that will allow participants to go to a physical space immediately, thus establishing the third distinguishing element of our ICO––intimacy.

What’s the goal you want to reach with this project?

Perry Farrell: My goal is to establish a new currency matrix, a new sound, a vision of experiential wonderment for people to keep for all times sake; once they go forth from their homes and personal computers. We’re making an Immersive Entertainment Complex. I say complex because we are not only laying foundations out in Las Vegas but also laying the foundations for increasing and presenting the arts. An environment that is the immediate future; one that will inspire people to participate. One that generates happiness. Happiness will not only be depth charged throughout the building, it will also be closely monitored. We are a Petri dish for Art and Happiness.

We’ve been sitting in movie theatres watching concerts. Sitting…passively watching. We must evolve. Get to the next level and create a new active form of entertainment. That takes new music, new technology, new Attitude, new environment.

Lollapalooza forever changed the way fans experience live entertainment. Now, Kind Heaven is shaping what that type of experience looks and feels in the 21st century. An ultimate playground in 360-degrees, with location-based VR, and multi-sensory experiences. The partnership between Cary Granat’s Immersive Artistry and Perry Farrell’s Scene Makers Association is to bring education and cultural awareness beginning with Southeast Asia through brand activations, and musical discovery funneling through immersive experiential innovation.

Why did you decide to start an ICO?

C: As Kind Heaven is aiming to create an internationally-recognized brand,  we will be working with clients, customers, from around the globe. Furthermore, by having an independent, decentralized token,  we are able to build a truly global brand. For this reason, we believe the Kind Heaven ICO and the distribution of Yala  Coin is a better way for our project to raise funds to launch long-term initiatives that not only gives our business  the funding needed to create a world-class entertainment venue, but also gives token holders tangible and real-world value  such as exclusive content rights, access to world-class entertainment events, and much more.

Whenever guests want to pay for any goods and services, they have to clumsily take off their AR/VR headsets and find their wallets. This creates an unnecessary and unwanted break from the immersive experience. Constantly changing from the “real world” to the “immersive world” is bad for both the venue and its guests. For the venue, people who don’t want to take off their headsets to find their wallets equals the loss of potential revenue. For the guests that do take off their headsets in order to find their wallets to pay for goods/services, having to leave the “immersive world” takes away from the intended entertainment experience. Using or converting Yala coins within Kind Heaven means that guests don’t have to take a break from the immersive experience to make purchases. By creating a cashless environment where guests can use RF-enabled wristbands to pay for goods and services with Yala coins, the venue will be more likely to gain higher revenue that would have been lost in the cash-based venues. Most importantly, guests will have a more authentic, uninterrupted, and truly immersive experience.

What’s the roadmap of your project? When will the final product be available?

C: The official Kind Heaven immersive entertainment venue will open to the public summer of 2019 at the Caesars Entertainment-owned LINQ Promenade, in the heart of the busiest section of the Las Vegas strip. We will be launching a series of “mini Kind Heaven” experiences in different cities with pop-ups planned in events and entertainment venues this year.

We’ll soon be announcing Kind Heaven’s artist acquisition platform; an exclusive access to purchasing Kind Heaven artist tokens. A key component of the Kind Heaven ecosystem is artists sourced from all over the world who enter into management contracts with Kind Heaven, which gives them the ability to release exclusive streams and content, perform in Kind Heaven locations, and sell merchandise along with certain ticket types through the Kind Heaven platform. To allow for economic coordination of communities around these new artists by incentivizing early adopters for supporting the artists as they grow, artists will be tokenized and their exclusive content will only be available through artists’ tokens, which in turn will be only purchasable using Yala coins from the continuous token bonding smart contract.

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