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Pigzbe’s ICO is live on Eidoo NOW


Pigzbe, makers of a revolutionary new piggy-wallet for children, and family-friendly cryptocurrency called Wollo has launched its ICO on Eidoo.

The first crypto product designed for mass adoption, the team of award-winning designers, thinkers, and makers who have delivered products and services to millions of people for brands like Apple, Google, NASA, Primo, and Kano, are looking to make it easier for consumers to interact with the blockchain.

Pigzbe, which has already secured a Bitfinex Exchange listing and has smashed it soft cap in pre-sale raising $6.2m, is selling 13,500,000 Wollo tokens in its public token sale (1 WLO = $0.12).

With coverage in mainstream news from FT to Quartz to Motherboard, expectations are high that tokens will sell out quickly.

To take part in the ICO either head over to Pigzbe website now, or whitelist and buy tokens straight away using the Eidoo app.

Click here to buy Wollo.


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