The 10 crypto commandments of Satoshi
The 10 crypto commandments of Satoshi

The 10 crypto commandments of Satoshi

By Massimo Chiriatti - 21 Sep 2018

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Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin, is a bit like the Moses of the Sacred Digital Scriptures.

With a bit of irony, here are the 10 crypto commandments inspired by Satoshi:

1 – Bitcoin unites the masses with an inclusive idea

2 – Satoshi proposed a consensus without centralization, with rules but without regulators

3 – Satoshi created a world without asymmetries that is safe and transparent

4 – Satoshi did not ask for anything, not even funding

5 – Satoshi has given wealth to others, without ever spending it

6 – Satoshi has made his inheritance immutable

7 – Satoshi considered us individually and equally

8 – Satoshi gave us power and responsibility, which we honour with a mathematical test

9 – Satoshi taught to trust in inalienable rights without creating a Church, a cult or a false promise

10 – Satoshi decided to leave and let us continue developing his idea

Massimo Chiriatti

Technologist, he collaborates with universities and research centres by organising training events on the digital economy. He actively participates in congresses and forums on topics mainly related to ICT innovation. He is also a member of, a non-profit association focused on studying cryptocurrencies and promoting Blockchain technology.

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