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DQR crypto exchange, the perfect trading platform

Giving the crypto community what it wants: this is the goal of DQR, which is working hard to create an innovative crypto exchange that no longer presents technical problems, security risks and other issues.

Kristian Haendel, CEO and founder of the group, talked about it in an interview for Cryptonomist (with the collaboration of Matteo Oddi), during which he also discussed the ability of the blockchain to reduce injustice.

In addition to launching the platform, DQR, which stands for Digital Quantitative Research, has a more ambitious mission: to lay the foundations for a more inclusive economy by making cryptocurrencies more understandable and accessible to all. The key, of course, is blockchain technology, which is a decentralized and transparent system.

Tell us about DQR’s vision

I’ve always felt that it is a tremendous injustice how a few financially powerful individuals or institutions can determine the future of billions of people.

Through its inherent decentralized and transparent model, blockchain technology could potentially reduce this injustice by allowing a safer, fairer, and more inclusive financial system.

When I co-founded DQR along with the founders of Genesis Mining, Marco Streng and Dr. Marco Krohn, it was clear that our mission was always going to be aligned with the core values behind the creation of bitcoin.

That is, to give the community the means to sustain itself, thanks to more decentralized systems that give more power to ordinary people.

What is your roadmap for the next 12 months?

At the moment we are focused on launching our cryptocurrency exchange but the next few months will keep us busy as we also working on an education and research platform as well as a blockchain-based foundation, self-run by the community of users. Most importantly, we want to focus on being innovative and standing out by delivering precisely what the crypto community wants.

Which are the innovative products you offer that set you apart from your competitors?

As I mentioned in the last question, innovation is of the utmost importance to us and we want that to be reflected in our platform. We aim to get rid of all the issues that plague current cryptocurrency exchanges.

Providing high levels of liquidity and security, a transparent and open platform with the most intuitive user interface are some of our objectives. Apart from making cryptocurrency accessible through our exchange, we want to empower people through two other ways, knowledge and charity.

We plan to launch an “education” platform that would teach people about blockchain technology, its uses and the importance of decentralization and transparency. The third platform will be a charity, entirely funded by a certain percentage of our revenues. This platform will allow our customers to suggest and vote on humanitarian projects to which our funds will be allocated.

What is the outlook of application of blockchain technology in the real economy, in your opinion?

Nowadays, many people around the world have heard about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies but only a few people can actually claim to understand the technology behind it, let alone explain its applications in the real economy or how it will shape many industries.

That is precisely one of many issues we would like to fix by creating a platform to share knowledge and teach people about cryptocurrency and blockchain. The list of applications for blockchain technology in the real economy is endless but very simply put, any industry or sector that has traditionally used intermediaries to provide trust between two parties is very likely to see radically new blockchain-based business models develop and disrupt traditional players in the coming years. The travel industry, entertainment industry, art, real estate, banking, insurance, as well as entire supply-chains are just a few examples, which goes to show how transformative this technology is likely to be.

People are moving away from fiat currency as they demand a currency that is more flexible and secure. At the same time, government-backed crypto projects are catching up around the world: are virtual currencies going to replace fiat money? If so, would this development leave the actual cryptocurrency market in an uncertain state?

I think it is quite clear that an increasing number of people are moving towards digital currencies.

These offer more freedom, easier access and faster transactions compared to traditional payment processes.

In addition, the next generation of entrepreneurs will be a lot more tech savvy and so they will probably be more inclined to capitalize on innovations relying on blockchain technology and its decentralized model.

Considering all of this, I do believe that in the future cryptocurrencies will play a much bigger role in financial transactions, perhaps even surpassing fiat currencies.

Now whether this development would leave the cryptocurrency market in an uncertain state is hard to say.

I think the important question is whether any such development could happen with any of the existing types of blockchain technology (consensus protocols) or if we have yet to see new ones develop to support such level of adoption.

Following the trend in 2018, can you explain when it would be a good time to invest in cryptocurrencies?

I think there is quite a simple answer for that. One should invest when and only when they have a solid understanding of the core principles of blockchain technology and the fundamentals behind any crypto project. As I am a firm believer in the technology and its potential, I am very optimistic on the long term.

I would consider as sound any strategy, which consists in spending some time to research about the fundamentals of different crypto projects, investing in a selection of very promising ones and then holding one’s’ position for the long term. From this perspective, it is understandable how useful a platform offering research and education would be.

Which project has the most potential?

That’s a tough question! It really depends on one’s personal philosophy and preference. For example, I am drawn to Bitcoin as I admire its creator’s dream of empowering the masses through a free financial system. It is also regarded as the entry-gate to cryptocurrency and a safe store of value.

Most of the top cryptocurrencies can also be used to solve real life problems, each in their own unique way. Since they have necessary contributions, they also have the potential to grow very rapidly, and this is why we at DQR have decided to introduce a payment token (DQR-30) which tracks the performance of an index composed of 30 top cryptocurrencies.

Will you be attending any conference or public event where people can find out more about your company?

I will indeed. We are actually going to participate in two of the biggest blockchain events that will soon take place in Malta this year. The first one will be the Delta Summit, which is taking place between the 3rd and 5th of October at the Intercontinental Hotel in St Julians. We will be exhibiting there together with our partners from Genesis Mining.

The second event will be the Malta Blockchain Summit, taking place on the 1st and 2nd of November. Once again we will be exhibiting with our partners from Genesis Mining.

We are very excited for these events, as they will allow us to present some of our blockchain-based projects, including our innovative cryptocurrency exchange.

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