Consultique, Verona hosts the Fee Only Summit 2018
Consultique, Verona hosts the Fee Only Summit 2018

Consultique, Verona hosts the Fee Only Summit 2018

By Ilaria Stirpe - 26 Sep 2018

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Every year, Consultique organizes the National Congress of Independent Financial Advice (Fee Only Summit), which this year will take place in Verona on the 18th and 19th of October, in the beautiful Piazza Bra at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia, in front of the famous Arena.

But the novelty this year is the discussion panel dedicated to the world Blockchain and Crypto, entitled: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies disruption or natural evolution?

The panel will be moderated by Dr Amelia Tomasicchio, co-founder of Cryptonomist.

Speakers will include George Thomson (Revolut), Marco Rubini (Studio Rubini and Partners), Simone Conti (Cryptolab and Wallem), Lars Schlichting (Eidoo), Gavin Youll (Nivaura) and Federica Rocco (Cryptovalues).

Consultique SpA is the Italian leader in the “fee only” independent financial analysis and consultancy, remunerated exclusively by customers and free from any potential conflict of interest.

Founded in 2001 by Cesare Armellini, Chairman and CEO, Giuseppe Romano (Director of Studies) and Luca Mainò (Commercial Director), the company carries out family office activities offering analysis, research, asset planning and investment consulting services to private individuals, companies and institutional investors.

The company’s Study and Research Centre has analysed all types of financial and pension products marketed in Italy and has implemented various evaluation methods, of which the rating of Open Pension Funds and ETFs are published weekly in “Plus 24” by “Il Sole 24 Ore”.

The FeeOnly Summit 2018 will be attended by financial advisors, consulting firms, industry professionals, finance enthusiasts, but also accountants, lawyers and other professionals who want to learn about the new services that independent consulting can offer.

Representatives of institutions, personalities from asset management and the financial world, fintech companies, economists and speakers of international standing will be present on the stage at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia.

Operators who want to know about independent consulting, participating in the event will be able to get updates on regulations and market evolution, compare with colleagues who have already been working in the profession for years, know the operational steps to start a study or an independent consulting firm.

The event is free of charge. Click here for more info (

Ilaria Stirpe
Ilaria Stirpe

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