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Patreon, the sponsorship service preferred by crypto (for now)

Patreon is an American platform created in 2013 that aims to allow content creators to finance themselves through donations. In short, a service similar to that provided by Kickstarter or Pledge Music.

If at the beginning Patreon was born mainly for musicians and artists, now the activities of the platform have expanded and it is finding much success among crypto fans.

In fact, among the characters who are looking for funding on Patreon, we also find Saifedean Ammous, author of the book “Bitcoin Standard” and overall the bitcoin section is very well nourished, with projects ranging from books, reports on trading, works of art, etc…

But what’s more interesting is the fact that recently, many crypto influencers are expressing their approval for the platform on Twitter, sending several donations.

For example, Francis Pouliot, on Twitter wrote: “I am now a proud patron of Luke Dashjr. Luke may very well be the most knowledgeable person about BItcoin. Among many achievements: he is largely responsible for Segwit activation into Bitcoin (soft-fork design,  #UASF)”.

In fact, the Bitcoin Core developer Luke Dashjr has also created his own profile on Patreon to receive donations for his research project. Dashjr, however, is not too enthusiastic about the system, and he explains:

Patreon is less than ideal for Bitcoin development, since it works in fiat and charges a 10+% fee. At some point, when a Bitcoin-based equivalent exists, I hope to switch to that. In the meantime, if you wish to exclusively contribute via Bitcoin, feel free to contact me privately to make arrangements“.

Adam Back, inventor of Hashcash and CEO of Blockstream.com, also commented on the subject with a tweet reporting Dashjr’s QR code:


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