Bitcoin SV vs Bitmain, “Craig Wright is a Blocktream spy”
Bitcoin SV vs Bitmain, “Craig Wright is a Blocktream spy”

Bitcoin SV vs Bitmain, “Craig Wright is a Blocktream spy”

By Dennis Wafula - 8 Nov 2018

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Bitcoin Cash has announced a hard fork, called Bitcoin SV, aiming at transforming the digital coin into a more agile cryptocurrency. The proponent of the fork is Craig Wright and, according to him, it follows the real Satoshi Vision (SV).

Why Bitcoin SV

The coin, which in turn is a fork of Bitcoin, aims at becoming a faster form of digital cash and at bringing on board other features such as smart contracts and oracles.

The hard fork, in fact, features the following:

  • an improvement of technical fixes;
  • the introduction of a canonical transaction ordering that lays a foundation for massive future scaling improvements
  • improvement of BCH’s scripting language allowing the validation of messages outside the blockchain

The latter improvement will allow such functions as the use of oracles and cross-chain atomic contracts.

Following the announcement for the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork scheduled for November 15th, a hashed war has ensued between BCH’s proponent, Craig Wright and Bitmain’s CEO, Jihan Wu, who defined Craig as a “Blockstream spy”.

On the one hand, Craig Wright wants the Bitcoin Cash vision implemented according to Satoshi’s vision. According to Satoshi, in fact, the base protocol of Bitcoin V0.1.0 should be increased to 128 MB.

Bitcoin Cash vs Bitmain

Jihan Wu of Bitmain, instead, wants the Wormhole protocol adopted on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. This will consequently give the coin a platform for programming and executing smart contracts. Other assets will also be able to be availed on the BCH blockchain as is the case with the Ethereum network.

However, Craig Wright wants the status quo maintained. He claims that he is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto and wants to see his vision followed to the letter.

According to his blueprint – the Satoshi Vision, the base protocols at Bitcoin v0.1.0 ought to be followed and increased to the block size 128 MB. Owing to this stance, he has vehemently criticized Wu’s idea. He has categorically stated that he is pushing for a change of the BCH protocol to Proof of Stake.

The Blockstream spy

The opposition has played out openly with Jihan Wu branding Craig a Blockstream spy. Wright has been branded a spy working with Blockstream to bring down the BCH project. This allegation was supported by a screenshot of a leaked conversation between Gregory Maxwell of Blockstream and Craig Wright.

The highlighted conversation read, “I see now that Roger Ver, Rick Falkvinge, Olivier Janssens, and Jihan Wu appear to be aggressively attacking you in public and trying to distance BCH from you. To the best of my knowledge, all of these parties previously believed in you. It seems to me that it is simply a matter of time before a forceful public denunciation by someone previously cited as proof of your merit, such as Gavin, brings things crashing down around you.

Gavin Anderson was among the select few individuals that worked on the BTC project with Satoshi himself and claims that Craig Wright is really indeed Satoshi himself.

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