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Chronoswiss: a collection of watches dedicated to the Blockchain

Swiss watch manufacturer Chronoswiss has recently presented a new collection of watches from the Flying Regulator Open Gear series dedicated to the blockchain.

The distinctive feature of the Chronoswiss watches in this blockchain series is the background of the dial personalized with the initial or identifying logo of a cryptocurrency or token.

The Blockchain Chronoswiss watch series is produced in collaboration with crypto-fintech company Tech Bureau Europe and is a limited edition watch.

Each watch has a microplate on its main dial engraved with its progressive serial number.

For each of the five crypto-themes, 101 watches are available and these are the model names:

  • Bitcoin – The currency
  • NEM – The harvest
  • Ethereum – The contract
  • Zaif – The exchange
  • COMSA – The token

The uniqueness of the Chronoswiss Blockchain series watches lies in the purchase certificate that will be registered for the first time ever on the NEM blockchain platform through the proprietary LuxTag application.

A series of watches in homage to the blockchain

With this new collection of luxury watches, Chronoswiss owner Oliver Ebstein wanted to pay homage to cryptocurrencies by “combining the roots of traditional watchmaking expertise with the digital revolution of the new global currencies“.

The curious and open look towards the future has led Ebstein to actively follow the blockchain and its evolutions to apply the new opportunities offered by digital technologies to the marketing of collectable watches.

What is LuxTag?

The serial number of the Chronoswiss Blockchain series watches and the warranty period are registered on the LuxTag platform, a luxury goods service provider operating on the NEM blockchain.

LuxTag’s aim is to combat the counterfeiting of luxury goods and the illegal trade in fine watches and jewellery.

The application guarantees proof of possession of the luxury goods by scanning the QR Code printed on the warranty certificate. The owner of the luxury item may transfer the property to a third party by registering the transaction on LuxTag.

In this way, the application keeps track of the changes of ownership of the property, being able to reveal the property at any time.

Users can also record asset notes for future reference.

LuxTag is available as a mobile application in the App Store and Google Play.

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Fabio Carbone
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