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Tron is ready to officially launch the Troncard and GRID

Tron announces the launch of the Troncard payment solution that is ending its beta phase, as well as GRID, the prepaid card dedicated entirely to the crypto TRX.

With the aim of making the use of the current tenth crypto easier and more accessible to the masses, in a totally digital world, Tron had already announced the choice to launch the GRID prepaid card two months ago and it seems that by December 2018 this new payment solution is ready for launch.

At the moment, on the official website troncard.io, you can subscribe by entering your email so as to stay updated about the official launch date. You can also join the dedicated Telegram group where you can interact directly with Sesameseed, the company that follows the development of the 2 cards.

What are they and how do Troncard and the prepaid GRID card work?

According to the information provided, there are a few differences between the two payment solutions.

Troncard is the physical representation of a real decentralised wallet where you can keep your own TRXs but also all TRC10 tokens and is designed to interface with the point of sales of the official partner Poppy, which is a payment processor on the Tron blockchain and with which you can get rewards thanks to the program called Poppy rewards.

An important note on the anonymity of the Troncard concerns its shipment, which is described as follows:

Troncard will be shipped to the address you provide via Amazon or another third-party fulfillment company, depending on the region of the world the card is being shipped to. The fulfillment center will select a card at random to ship. There will be no record of which card is shipped to which address, making it impossible to link a specific Troncard to a specific order“.

The Tron GRID card, on the other hand, is a revolutionary concept of prepaid card that takes up the simplicity of use of gift cards.

GRID cards are preloaded with the TRX crypto in quantity equivalent to the purchase price, but in addition, GRID offers profit rewards on the Tron kept on the card.

There are no fees for use or withdrawal, it is anonymous and has no expiry date.

Once received at your address, both cards have inside their envelope their specific codes that are needed to access the Troncard dashboard. This way you can manage all the information, from access and transfer to withdrawal and deposit operations (deposit valid only for the Troncard) but above all, in cases of loss or theft of the cards, you can recover your Tron on the wallet through the online dashboard.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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