Starting today, January 3rd, the tenth anniversary of the Genesis Block of Bitcoin, every week Cryptonomist will publish a new video with Giacomo Zucco for the series “Understanding Bitcoin”.

“Understanding Bitcoin” consists of about 10 videos in which the founder of BHB Network explains everything there is to know about bitcoin and the BTC blockchain, in order to clarify the key concepts related to this cryptocurrency born in 2008 thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto.

This first video can be defined as an intro, a trailer of what will happen in the next episodes, which you will find on the YouTube channel of Cryptonomist with a new video every week.

The first video of the series, which will be published next January 17th, will see as its main theme the birth of Bitcoin, the definition of money, the reasons why BTC was invented and its main features.

Watch here the trailer of “Understanding Bitcoin” with Giacomo Zucco: