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Bitfinex is now offline for maintenance

A scheduled maintenance of the well-known Bitfinex exchange platform was planned for today and, in fact, the website is currently offline.

According to the official statement, starting at 10:00 UTC on Monday, January 7th, 2019, the Bitfinex website went offline to complete the last phase of the planned migration from Amazon’s cloud, AWS, to another self-designed and optimized infrastructure for high volume trading.

If everything goes as planned the website should stay offline for about 7 hours, during which all trading activities of the platform, including access to wallets, will be suspended.

You can follow the migration updates, published in real time by the Bitfinex staff, on bitfinex.statuspage.io and on their Twitter profile.

On the official Medium profile, Bitfinex recalls that this scheduled suspension was already announced in December, and states that the migration was a considerable endeavour.

In addition, the Bitfinex team also shared an FAQ page related to the migration, since even the support pages are currently offline like the rest of the website.

Once the migration is complete, the exchange should go back online and there should be no difference in the operability of the platform.

However, it is not 100% certain that it will only take seven hours and that no unforeseen events will occur: in the past, other exchanges have already suffered from unforeseen problems that have forced managers to extend the suspension period.

Therefore, there’s no reason to worry if the platform does not return online after seven hours. In order to understand the nature of any unforeseen events and the new timeframe, it’s enough to follow the news published on Twitter or StatusPage.

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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