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The Top 10 women influencers in the crypto world

It is well known that the number of women in the crypto world, as well as in the tech and financial sector in general, is much lower compared to men, however there is a positive trend of growth and for this reason we have tried to outline a Top 10 of the women influencers in the crypto world.

To date, the statistics still paint a picture that is strongly unbalanced: women hold 20% of jobs in the tech sector and only about 17% of startups have a female founder.

In the crypto ecosystem, the numbers are even clearer and only 5% of the people working in the sector are women.

These figures will undoubtedly increase over time, as there is both a persistent tendency to include more and more women in the technology sectors and the fact that the concept of diversity in business contexts is seen as a driver of growth and performance improvement.

Also, from the point of view of influencer marketing in the crypto world, the importance of women is constantly increasing. Here are some of the most interesting personalities.

Here, then, is the top 10 influencer women in the crypto world and beyond:


  • Perianne Boring


Founder and President of Digital Chamber and Professor of Blockchain at Georgetown University.


  • Joyce Kim


Executive Director of Stellar and advisor to numerous ICOs and projects related to the crypto world.


  • Jinglan Wang


Blockchain product manager of NASDAQ and Executive Director of Blockchain Educational Network.


  • Meltem Demirors


She teaches at MIT Boston and Oxford University; she collaborates with CoinShares and the World Economic Forum on blockchain issues.


  • Primavera De Filippi


Blockchain researcher at Harvard University, she directs Coala Global and is the author of the book Blockchain & the Law.


  • Amber Baldet


She is part of the ZcashFoundation board and co-founder of GrowClovyr, a startup that deals with decentralised networks.


  • Jen Greyson


CEO and founder of PBNJ, she collaborates with several institutions on projects related to blockchain technology.


  • Fahima Anwar


Director of Marketing and Communication at IVEP and Dubtokens, she also founded the Spark Sessions, one of the most important marketing influencer events in Canada.


  • Linda Xie


She has worked for Coinbase, co-founder and managing director of Scalar Capital and is an advisor to several projects related to crypto.


  • Raine Revere


Cryptocurrency engineer and founder of Maiden.