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Eidoo partners with the Chiasso carnival to promote crypto adoption in Ticino

The Swiss company Eidoo has become a partner of the Chiasso carnival to promote crypto adoption in Ticino.

After having already helped the municipality – where the company has its registered office – to accept bitcoin for the payment of taxes, today the news is that Eidoo has become a partner of the Carnival which will be held from 28th February to 5th of March.

Alessandro Gazzani, President of the Carnival of Chiasso, has spent a lot of time in order to include crypto in the event and, thanks to his efforts, also the entrance ticket to the Carnival will be purchasable with bitcoin and even EDO tokens.

At a time when companies in the fintech and crypto world are announcing bizarre collaborations with sports and film events, the news is not surprising and indeed gives hope for an increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies and awareness of the opportunities they provide.

For the occasion, The Cryptonomist interviewed the Mayor of Chiasso, Bruno Arrigoni, to understand the future projects of the Municipality.

“The decrease in value on the market has certainly cooled the euphoria of 2017. However, we have seen, even recently, that when an event is organised on this theme, the participation is always excellent. This means that the crypto theme is always very relevant.”

As we mentioned, almost a year ago Eidoo helped Chiasso with the acceptance of bitcoin for tax payments through the EidooPay payment gateway.

“From the beginning of last year our municipality has been accepting Bitcoin as a payment of taxes, for a maximum amount of 250 chf. Our goal was to make our financial center known to the world, that new technologies have a place of honor and we have ignited the interest of many startups towards Chiasso.”

“Our future plans are focused on fintech in general. Cryptocurrency, blockchain, digital in general are a very interesting topic for us. Partly thanks to the collaboration with the Cryptopolis Association, we will continue to advocate our territory with an emphasis on training/knowledge related to this new world”.


Eleonora Spagnolo
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