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Odyssey: the Tron hard fork was successful

Justin Sun, CEO of Tron, explained in a tweet that the hard fork of Tron, Odyssey, was carried out successfully. In the tweet, Sun also explained what are the novelties and functions introduced by the fork.

One of the functions introduced is the multiple signature: using the standard SEP-005 proposed by Stellar Lumens this allows better security also with regard to the management of the account profile.

Therefore also Tron, like Ethereum, was updated yesterday, introducing many improvements to allow better development of the network and to improve the performance of transactions and a greater possibility of integration with advanced security systems.

Odyssey-v35 thus introduces the following new features to Tron:

  • Events;
  • Weighted Multi-signature Account;
  • Adaptive Energy Limit Model.


TIP-12: Introduces the possibility to subscribe to events generated by a Tron full node, allowing the development of programs that can react to notifications.

The available notifications, which one can subscribe to, concern the creation of new blocks, the execution of transactions, and smart contracts. There is no support for event history.

Weighted Multi-signature Account:

TIP-16 introduces multi-signature accounts: each signature can have different weight from the other so that a transaction can only be made if the sum of the weights of the people signing the transaction is above a certain threshold.

Adaptive Energy Limit Model

TIP-17. In Tron, the creation and execution of smart contracts require energy consumption, which depends on the amount of TRX you want to freeze for the creation/execution of that contract and the state of the network. The energy obtained cannot exceed a certain fixed limit.

With TIP-17, this limit is adaptive:

  • When the energy consumption is low, the limit available to each account is raised;
  • When energy consumption is high, the limit available to each account is lowered.


  • Energy waste is avoided;
  • Each account has more energy available for the creation/execution of smart contracts.
Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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