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VISA expands its crypto team

VISA has published a job description that seems to make it clear that they want to expand their crypto team.

It is well known that the main crypto are currently not able to compete in terms of transactions per second (TPS).
Compared to what VISA can offer with its 24,000 TPS, some cryptocurrencies such as Tron, EOS or XRP can offer only 2000 TPS, but this does not mean that the payment giant can stay relaxed.

Much has been said about the fact that it may be inevitable in the future to have a crypto that matches those performances or even surpasses them, and it is perhaps for this reason that VISA is moving towards the creation of a new crypto, taking the decision to recruit suitable individuals for the creation of their own “VISA Crypto team”, by offering a job as a Technical Product Manager.

visa expands crypto team

This is a clear indication: even a giant like VISA, instead of criticising the blockchain system and technology, intends to use it to improve, enhance and perhaps even create their own product based on this technology, so as to take advantage of it against other competitors which are creating blockchains and cryptocurrencies that could, in the future, undermine VISA’s position as one of the main payment systems.

Considering also the possibility of VISA introducing their own crypto, as in the case of JPM Coin, this could be a further step towards mass adoption.

VISA and crypto

This job description was posted at a particular time for the payment company given that VISA will increase their fees in April.

The consequences will be felt especially by the merchant banks that manage the accounts of the major e-commerce giants and that carry out millions of credit card transactions per month.

In contrast, the average fee for a bitcoin transaction is $0.42, while the average fee for an LTC payment is just over 3 cents.

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