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Craig Wright: Bitcoin Cash SV supporter rage quits Twitter

Craig Wright rage quits Twitter and closes his account.

The Bitcoin Cash SV supporter who has repeatedly declared himself Satoshi Nakamoto came to this decision yesterday because of the too many insults received and thus 10,000+ tweets were removed.

Craig Wright and Faketoshi

Craig had appeared several times in events and on social networks claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto even though – “strangely” – he never managed to prove it. In fact, a recent study shows that it would also be quite easy to try to impersonate the creator of Bitcoin, using a “Faketoshi tool” called Albacore.

Following this and other statements, as well as the one stating that he would manage shut down anonymous coins such as Monero and Zcash, Wright had been attacked and mocked by Bitcoin supporters and the media. These should, therefore, be the reasons that led him to close his Twitter profile.

Bitcoin is a government project

Craig Wright even said a while ago that Bitcoin would be a project of the Australian government:

“My name is Dr Craig Wright and under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto I completed a project that I started in 1997 and that was signed with the Australian government, partly in the register of AusIndustry projects, with the department of innovation under the name of BlackNet”, he even told the CFTC.

Craig Wright is also a supporter of Bitcoin Cash SV, a fork of Roger Ver’s Bitcoin Cash. ù

In this regard, Faketoshi had explained that Bitcoin SV’s goal was to “manage a thousand times the transactions of the other blockchains”, saying then that the real Bitcoin was no longer BTC but BSV, which in fact means Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, or rather the one that follows more slavishly the vision of its creator.

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