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Built-in VPN in Opera for Android 51

A free VPN is now available for the Opera Android 51 browser.

As reported today directly on Opera’s official blog, the new VPN service, which can be configured directly from the browser settings, will create a private and encrypted connection between the Android mobile device and a remote VPN server which will hide user sensitive data.

For a better understanding, just think of data related to the user’s physical location while performing certain operations on the browser, or other data that can somehow be collected in order to depict or track user behaviour on the web.

In this way, if the Wifi connection used is also offered to the public by private individuals, as happens in hotels and airports, then the VPN connection can also protect the user’s data from third-party hack attacks that could otherwise steal passwords or banking details.

To protect the privacy of its users, Opera has established this new connection, which also offers the following advantages:

    1. Easy-to-use as the VPN connection can be enabled directly from the browser settings;
    2. There is no registration or collection of web traffic;
    3. It’s free because it’s integrated.

Not only that, the report suggests that the VPN application is also secure for accessing your mobile-based crypto wallet in Opera for Android on your computer.

vpn opera android 51

Opera also claims to have recently improved its crypto wallet by adding some updates:

“This version includes a multitude of smaller improvements have also gone into this version, including improved startup time and speech-to-text API support. We have also listened to user feedback and polished the new fast scroller feature into something we believe that you will truly appreciate!”

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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