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Bosch: even the fridge goes on the blockchain

During the ANON Blockchain Summit in Vienna, the Austrian energy supplier Wien Energie, in collaboration with the Bosch technology giant, presented the new blockchain based fridge.

The completely innovative project would use the distributed technology of the blockchain to promote interest in sustainable energy consumption among households.

In fact, according to reports, the blockchain fridge shows families how to control and regulate their electricity consumption safely and transparently and act accordingly to safeguard it in the future.

The control can be performed through an app with which to set, monitor and manage all the different functions on the blockchain based fridge.  

For example, it will be possible to check the temperature of the fridge and freezer, or the power consumption of the appliance in real time and analyse the carbon footprint or even, for example, simply receive alerts if the fridge door has not been fully closed.

In short, the new application connected to the blockchain based fridge offers many ideas to make significant assessments or comparisons about consumption, so that families can find sustainable solutions.

Wien Energie CEO Peter Gönitzer said:

“We see blockchain technology as an opportunity and are testing the possibilities in practice with pilot projects and users. The aim is to make the topic of energy more sensitive and understandable in the future. So far, the power is simply coming out of the socket, while the Blockchain can give power to a machine.

The energy efficiency of the new blockchain fridge

Another benefit, perhaps the most sustainable, of the new blockchain based fridge is the ability to understand what is the source of energy that is being used and to choose whether to change or not, achieving true traceability of energy.

“For every kilowatt of electricity that the fridge receives, using blockchain, there is a confirmation of the transaction and a clear proof of origin. That is: if the energy comes from the photovoltaic system of the nearby house or from the wind farm, the path from production to consumption can be consulted in a transparent and incorruptible way”.

At this time, the new blockchain refrigerator has been created, developed and presented. In the coming months, following additional application, it will be implemented.


Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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