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MonerEos: a new example of a scam website

A new scam website has appeared on the net, a copy of the original MonerEos website, which tries to take advantage of the current airdrop to steal tokens from the unlucky.

Unfortunately, blockchain-based or related projects that offer tokens through different methods such as airgrab, airdrop, claim and so on are increasingly enabling hackers to take advantage of the situation and clone the website to deceive the unlucky who do not properly check whether the site is actually the original one or a scam.

Sometimes this is avoided thanks to the team which able to quickly intervene to inform the public and take the necessary security measures.

MonerEos immediately informed the users of the scam through a tweet.Once you have landed on the scam website, a screen appears asking for all the private data of your Monero and EOS accounts. Once the form is filled in and the claim button is pressed, the private keys of your wallets are sent and you lose ownership of them.

It is not yet clear how much money has been stolen until now. The scam website, by the way, is still online.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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