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Tezos launches the tzVentures incubator

Today Tezos officially launched tzVentures, an incubator based on the Tezos blockchain, which allows helping startups to develop their projects on the Tezos platform.

TzVentures was created by the four Asian Tezos foundations: Tezos Southeast Asia, Tezos Hong Kong, Tezos Japan and Tezos Korea Foundation.

During the incubation program, startups will receive support from experienced tzVentures members, technical support from the Tezos community, access to dedicated co-working spaces, marketing support and numerous networking and partnership opportunities.

Although tzVentures’ headquarters are located in Seoul, Korea, all of their operations are global, allowing communities around the world to interact with various foundations. As stated by the project leader, Jay Lee:

“In blockchain startup incubation, there is a lack of traditional business mentoring and high-quality technical support. ICO consulting groups take the place of traditional business incubators and blockchain programming professionals are busy building their own tokens”.

Each blockchain is basically trying to attract new startups to its chain, such as the recent case of Effect.AI which migrated to the EOS blockchain from the NEO one, or the recent creation of the Binance blockchain which could take some of the users and companies attracted by the new technology of the exchange.


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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