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Innosilicon: prices and specifications of Grin mining ASICs

On April 17th, the Chinese company Innosilicon, a manufacturer of dozens of ASICs for the mining of various cryptocurrencies, announced the Innosilicon Grin Miners, a range of ASICs dedicated to the mining of Grin.

Three products have been announced: Grin Miner G32 Mini, Grin Miner G32 500 and Grin Miner G32 1800.

All the solutions presented are capable of mining Grin on both variants of the Proof of Work Cuckatoo 31+ and 32+. And obviously there is also backwards compatibility with the Cuckatoo 29 and 30.

Innosilicon Grin Miner G32 Mini

The first product announced is a specific solution. It is in fact the Innosilicon Grin Miner G32 Mini. As the suffix Mini suggests, the G32 Mini is an ASIC with a moderate computational capacity compared to the more expensive variants, which focuses on a range of users looking for a cheap ASIC and perfectly integratable into classic mining rigs.

The Innosilicon G32 Mini features the classic video card form factor, sharing the same dimensions as the PCB and heatsink. Unlike a common video card, however, it integrates an ASIC specific for the Grin PoW that can get a hashrate of 21.5GPS on Cuckatoo 31+ and 4.5GPS on the 32+ variant. All with only 140 watts of power consumption, provided by a common PSU for Desktop PCs.

It should be noted that the Grin Miner G32 also integrates WiFi connectivity and an Ethernet port, which, thanks to the integrated controller, makes it easy to use and install.

By making a quick performance comparison, the best video card for mining Grin is capable of obtaining a hashrate of only 1.8 GPS (RTX 2080 Ti) on CC31+. This means that these performances are of a higher order of magnitude.

The price is also very interesting, at only $799 for anyone wishing to pre-order the first batch. The price will then rise to $1500 for the second batch. Delivery is scheduled to start in August 2019.

Innosilicon Grin Miner G32 500

The second product announced – the mid-range one – is the Grin Miner G32 500. This is an ASIC with a more classic format, very similar to the various solutions already seen for other cryptocurrencies.

This Grin mining ASIC outperforms the G32 Mini. This device, in fact, is able to reach a maximum hashrate close to 100 GPS on Cuckatoo 31+ and 20 GPS on the 32+ variant. All with only 520 watts of absorption. In this case, an external power supply is required, which will be bundled with the first batch.

Benefits increase and so do prices. The Innosilicon Grin Miner G32 500 is pre-orderable for $2888, while the full price at the end of the pre-sale will rise to $4500. In this case too, availability is expected in August 2019.

innosilicon grin mining asics

Innosilicon Grin Miner G32 1800

The third and final product announced is the Grin Miner G32 1800. This is the top of the range device and offers a maximum hashing power close to 328 GPS on Cuckatoo 31+ and 68 GPS on the 32+ variant. Naturally, the consumption increases, reaching almost 1800 Watts per hour of energy use.

Despite being the top of the range, the energy efficiency is lower than its brother G32 500. Clearly the target of this machine is those who seek maximum performance, considering the specifications.

The price also rises dramatically, starting from $9388 in pre-order, reaching a price of $15,000 for the second batch. Also in this case, availability is expected in August 2019. For those who place the pre-order, the power supply unit will also be included.

innosilicon grin mining asics

For all details, please refer to the official page.

Innosilicon vs Obelisk: who has the best Grin mining ASIC?

Currently several companies have announced various ASICs for Grin mining. Obelisk stands out above all others, and it was announced in January 2019.

In recent weeks Obelisk has published the full specifications and prices, announcing that it is working on three different machines, each with a different market target.

The top of the range will be the Obelisk GRN1 Immersion, with a hashrate of 840 GPS and power consumption of 4400 watts. The mid-range version, on the other hand, will offer 420 GPS, while the mini version will offer just over 70 GPS, with an absorption of 400 Watts per hour.

The prices are also quite different, much higher than the Innosilicon products. The figures are 20,000, 10,000 and 2,000 dollars respectively. In this case, availability is expected for October 2019.

On paper, Innosilicon offers better ASICs, both in terms of cost and efficiency of its products. Needless to say, it will take the first tests of the real products to determine the real winner.

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