Samourai Wallet launches Samourai Dojo
Samourai Wallet launches Samourai Dojo

Samourai Wallet launches Samourai Dojo

By Alfredo de Candia - 4 Jun 2019

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Samourai Wallet, famous wallet to manage bitcoin (BTC) with advanced features such as SegWit support, announced in a post the Samourai Dojo, an open source and professional back-end program for Samourai Wallet that allows you to create a Dojo server and then bypass the servers of Samourai.

Some features of this Samourai Dojo are:

  • Provides unspent output lists to Samourai Wallet using your backing full node
  • Provides fee rates to use from your local mempool.
  • Mempool Orchestrator for time-delayed transactions (Staggered Ricochet)
  • PushTX endpoint for broadcasting transactions through your backing full node

In addition, the software offers support for XPUB, YPUB, ZPUB, BIP47 and other loose address functions to set up:

  • a bitcoin full node only accessible as an ephemeral Tor hidden service,
  • the backend database,
  • the backend modules with an API accessible as a static Tor hidden service,
  • a maintenance tool accessible through a Tor web browser.

Samourai has also revealed that, together with Bitseed, they will create a hardware line of full nodes working and ready to use, with already pre-loaded Samourai Dojo and that will be soon marketed at the price of $359.

Finally, the developers in the post remember how since its inception the project has set itself the goal of developing open source software and that the whole project is now in the alpha phase to ensure that they already use these functions. The release of platform 1.0 will take place shortly, they explain, but a precise date has not yet been revealed.

Alfredo de Candia

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