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SnowDAQ: K-pop and BTS on the blockchain

Interesting news today in the world of Korean K-pop music: SnowDAQ announces a new platform based on blockchain that it will allow fans around the world to connect with their favourite artists, including BTS.

The platform will be launched next month by the entertainment company SnowM and will use the blockchain provided by Luniverse.

As SnowM’s CEO, Park Seung-hun, said, fans will receive rewards for their work, most likely in the form of SDC (snowDAQ Coin) tokens, which will then be convertible to other crypto tokens.

“Users of entertainment-based blockchain services are fans and fan clubs. We hope that the services will resolve inconveniences that they experience and receive the fair value of fandom activity”.

In addition, SnowDAQ will reduce the costs and fees for the purchase of concert tickets and merchandise for one of the most famous South Korean K-pop bands, BTS. The group, known all over the world with a significant share of the world market, could lead to a big and fast expansion of this platform, allowing both the purchase of products at low prices and the use of tokens, thereby making young Koreans approach the blockchain and crypto world.

In South Korea there are already many companies that have decided to focus on the crypto and blockchain industry and, according to data from Statista, the industry could grow to be worth 356 billion in 2022.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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