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Current: “Facebook Libra copied our logo”

The founder and CEO of the online bank Current claims that Facebook copied their company logo and used it for Libra.

Speaking on the phone with CNBC, Stuart Sopp, Wall Street trader and CEO of Current, said that the development and creation of the Current logo is the result of months of work in a project that was born from the collaboration with the company Character of San Francisco.

He was attending a conference in New York on Wednesday, when he received images of the Calibra logo, the Facebook branch created for the Libra project. He was shocked by so much resemblance and initially thought it was a joke.

The logo was created in 2016 and now the same company has also collaborated with Facebook for the design of the Libra logo, according to a post shared by Ben Pham, creative director of Character.

Sopp said that:

“Facebook has all the money and resources in the world. If they truly wanted to make banking more inclusive and fair, they should’ve come up with their own ideas and branding, like we have”.

Anthony Harrison, a Facebook spokesman, refused to answer CNBC’s questions.

Sopp worked for months on Current’s logo. The purpose of that image, according to him, is precisely to capture the importance of the corporate movement represented by a wave. The company has 45 employees and 350,000 accounts, and its size is clearly smaller than a giant like Facebook.

Libra is a product that wants to change the sector in which it will operate, precisely for this reason, according to him, a revolution is needed by Facebook starting from the basics and thus the logo itself.

“We put six months of hard work into this with that design firm, which they basically reused for Facebook without changing much”.

The law firm Goodwin Procter has been hired by Current and will check whether there has been, or not, a trademark infringement. Sopp confessed that last night he sent a direct message on Twitter to the Winklevoss twins by writing:

“Now I know how you guys felt.”