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One week to the Gram token sale on Liquid

Gram’s token sale on the Japanese exchange Liquid will begin on July 10th, 2019. 

This will be a pre-sale due to the fact Telegram tokens have not actually been released yet, but thanks to a collaboration with Gram Asia, Liquid will be able to offer them in pre-sale on liquid.com/gram

The Liquid blog post announcing the start of the pre-sale also revealed a special raffle with a prize pool of over $500,000 in Gram tokens. 

It will be a competition by drawing lots, in which all those who buy Gram tokens during the first day of this presale will participate: for every 100 dollars invested you will receive a ticket, and among all the ones distributed, the winners will be drawn by lot. 

The first lucky one will receive $100,000 in Gram, the second one $90,000, the third $80,000, and so on until the tenth one, which will receive $5,000 in Gram token. The draw will be live.

In order to purchase Gram tokens you must have a verified Liquid account, and to receive lottery tickets you must have a balance of at least 50 QASH on your Liquid account by the end of the advance sale.

In addition, you will also need to join Liquid’s Telegram channel and Gram Asia’s Telegram channel to be eligible to participate in the draw. 

A video has also been published on Liquid’s YouTube channel in which this presale is explained in more detail. 

Throughout the video, Liquid’s CEO, Mike Kayamori, highlights the fact that the exchange is located in Japan, and is therefore regulated by Japanese regulations on cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Kayamori also revealed that the price and number of tokens that will be offered for sale will be revealed one week before the start of pre-sale, hence Wednesday, July 3rd. 

Residents of some countries will be excluded from pre-sale, including oddly enough those of Japan, the US and some other countries listed at the bottom of the page dedicated to the pre-sale. 

When Gram tokens will be available on the TON mainnet they will also be tradable on Liquid, probably by the end of October 2019. 

Gram Asia’s CEO, Dongbeom Kim, confirmed that the main reason for choosing Liquid is that it is a regulated exchange, revealing also that Gram Asia has invested in Liquid’s token, QASH, in the past. 

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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