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BitMEX: one trillion dollars of trading volumes. Is that true?

BitMEX, one of the most popular leverage trading exchanges and known for its bitcoin perpetual contracts, has announced on Twitter, through BitMEX CEO and co-founder Arthur Hayes, a new trading volumes record.

As we can see from the tweet, the numbers are impressive: in the space of 24 hours BitMEX has reached almost 7 billion dollars, while in one month it reached 164 billion and in one year it managed to touch the trillion dollars.

In reality, these data include the so-called notional value, which is why in the trillion dollars of volumes are included also the financial levers that on BitMEX can reach even 8.6x: in short, the real number of volumes would be 116 billion dollars (1 trillion divided by 8.6 = $116 billion).

In addition, in the same tweet, there is also a reference to Roubini Nouriel, better known as Dr Doom for his pessimistic view of the blockchain and the bitcoin in particular. Both will meet tomorrow in Taipei for the Asia Blockchain Summit, an event that will see the world’s leading blockchain players including Justin Sun from TRON, Changpeng Zhao from Binance, Charlie Lee from Litecoin, Patrick Chang from Samsung NEXT Ventures, Michael Gan from KuCoin and others.

True trading volumes?

To further proof that in reality, the trading volumes of BitMEX are not exactly those reported, one can look at some of the leading rankings of the crypto market.

According to CoinMarketCap’s “adjusted volumes” ranking, BitMEX is not even among the top 100 exchanges by volume. The same can be said for CryptoCompare that does not include BitMEX in its benchmark ranking of trading platforms.


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