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NEO EcoFund invests in Travala

In a recent report, Travala announced that NEO EcoFund Investment will support the travel platform project, thus contributing to its expansion in this area.

NEO EcoFund was designed to assist the development and growth of projects that operate within the NEO ecosystem, including Travala, as stated by NEO co-founder Da Hongfei:

“With our EcoFund we hope to create a supportive environment, propelling ambitious startups to success. The overall goal here is to provide projects, regardless of their stage, the funding and support needed to reach their full potential. As we enter a new era of blockchain adoption and given their proven track record of growth, I am confident, not only in Travala.com’s capabilities but their commitment to the future of blockchain while potentially becoming one of the leading online travel platforms”.

Thanks to these investments, the Travala team will be able to increase its influence in the sector. Travala’s CEO, Matthew Luczynski, explained:

“The blockchain ecosystem is by far one of the most supportive industries out there. The cross-collaboration, support, and constant encouragement between projects is a true sign of our dedication to the collective goal of mass adoption. With this backing from a trailblazer within the space, we can now focus on hiring technical talent while making moves into our additional target markets.”

Moreover, in the last 6 months of activity, the number of users of the Travala platform has increased by 1542% and could even double in the next 6 months, also in view of the fact that the destinations offered by the platform have increased by 2084%, which means that users can reach more and more destinations and places.

In addition, this news will also help NEO gain more notoriety with its blockchain, allowing it to attract new users and developers. There will also be important news from the development of NEO3, as previously stated by NEO co-founder, Erik Zhang.

As for the values of the two cryptocurrencies, CoinMarketCap shows that NEO ranks 17th, with a value of about $13 per unit, while Travala with its AVA token reaches position 437th, with a value of $0.13 per unit. This announcement seems not to have affected the price of NEO, whereas the price of AVA had risen by 4 cents on the day this investment was announced by NEO EcoFund.

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