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Binance enables YubiKey support

A few days ago Binance announced support for Yubico’s security key, YubiKey.

After the attack in May, Binance decided to introduce additional levels of security and already last month had included in the testing phase the possibility of activating authentication using Yubico’s security key.

As can be read in the post, authentication is available for withdrawals and use of APIs, login and password reset. 

Yubico offers a variety of solutions for every need, ranging from a minimum price of £20 to a maximum of £69.

Last June Yubico attended the EOS blockchain event, where they announced the creation of a dedicated EOS key that allows managing the information relative to EOS accounts.

Recently, one of the major innovations at Binance was the listing on the exchange of the BGBP stablecoin anchored to the price of the British pound.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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