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MetaMask wallet: the mobile app enters beta phase!
MetaMask wallet: the mobile app enters beta phase!

MetaMask wallet: the mobile app enters beta phase!

By Matteo Gatti - 23 Jul 2019

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At the beginning of the month, MetaMask announced that the beta of the mobile app would be coming soon. As confirmed by MetaMask’s Twitter account, the beta is now available on the Play Store and has been published by ConsenSys AG:

MetaMask is a service that allows managing Ethereum and ERC20 tokens directly from a browser.

The app was announced last November at DevCon, an Ethereum-focused conference. It will not be just a wallet since it will also act as a bridge with a decentralised web and will be compatible with the WalletConnect protocol allowing a direct connection with the dApps on all those devices where the extension is installed.

MetaMask: the mobile app is here

metamask wallet mobile app

MetaMask is a service that allows managing Ethereum and ERC20 tokens directly from a browser. Some of the various functions of the MetaMask mobile app allow:

  • Using dApps on any browser;
  • Having end-to-end encryption;
  • The default browser is DuckDuckGo;
  • Signing transactions and messages directly from the smartphone;
  • Receiving notifications directly to the smartphone.

With over 1.3 million downloads and over 500,000 active users using their extension, MetaMask has become the reference point for many, especially those using the Ethereum blockchain. With its ease of use and some warning functions when visiting a fake site or potentially harmful to the user, preventing the continuation of navigation, MetaMask proves once again to be vigilant and active even on the security profile.

In the past there have been several attempts to create fake apps that imitated the functions of MetaMask, effectively stealing the data of unaware users. Indeed, since there was no official application, which resulted in a quite long gap, some users were misled.

So, also in order not to lose ground against some competitors, it was finally decided to create a mobile version of the service that will allow users to manage their funds on smartphones.

In the description of the app, it is stated that it is still under intense development and the beta has been released precisely to obtain feedback from the community. Users, as specified by the developers, should expect constant updates.

MetaMask is not the only wallet to integrate this type of service, for example, the Binance Trust Wallet has long offered the same features as did the wallet integrated into the Opera browser.

Users can join the public beta from the official website.

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