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Ripple: a new format for XRP addresses

The developer Wietse Wind has announced on Twitter the release of the library for a new format for XRP addresses, defined as “X-address”.

Ripple (XRP) addresses have several tags that often cause a lot of confusion among users, especially for the inexperienced.

This new format will allow users to have a single address and prevent them from entering the wrong tag.

“The new ????-address format will replace the combination of an ‘r…’ address in combination with a destination tag. By using one address that contains both the destination account and the destination tag, users can no longer make mistakes by making mistakes entering, or omitting the destination tag.”

The new Ripple address (XRP) will be easy to recognise because it will start with the capital letter X and will contain both the destination address and its tag.

“You can easily recognize the new address because it will always start with an upper case ????. A new ????-address will contain both the destination address and destination tag, and it looks like this: XV5sbjUmgPpvXv4ixFWZ5ptAYZ6PD2q1qM6owqNbug8W6KV”.

The code is open source and also includes APIs that are well implemented with all services and platforms that operate with cryptocurrencies such as exchanges or block explorers. Many have already started to implement the new format, one example being xrpscan.com.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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