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Justin Sun postpones lunch with billionaire Warren Buffett

The lunch between Warren Buffett and the Chinese Justin Sun, founder of TRON, has been postponed, this was announced by the TRON Foundation through a tweet.

Initially, the date for that meeting was set on July 25th, but both agreed to postpone the meeting due to the personal problems of Sun, who declared himself ill.

During his annual charity auction, Buffett managed to raise $4.57 million from Justin Sun, a record figure. The one who had launched Tronix in 2017, in June made it clear that he was hoping to teach Buffett some things about both cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Over the last few days, other people have joined this lunch: Jeremy Allaire from Circle, Chris Lee from Huobi, Yoni Assia from eToro and Charlie Lee, the creator of litecoin. The topics that would have been discussed while enjoying a steak have not been disclosed but everyone knows that Buffett has defined Bitcoin as a “rat poison”.

However, Sun managed to convince Warren to relocate the historically held charity lunch from New York to the Silicon Valley.

“I was in the hospital for sudden kidney stones, and I canceled the lunch with Mr. Buffett…”

This is the post written directly by Sun, CEO of BitTorrent, on Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter).

TRON (TRX) lost about 8% after the announcement, because, as always, the cryptocurrency industry relies on this type of news, and even the kidney problems of the TRON founder can heavily affect the value of TRX.