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CoinBene launches debit card in partnership with MasterCard

From September 2019, CoinBene, in collaboration with aQUI! CARD, will launch its debit card for cryptocurrencies. Users will be able to shop online or physically, pay bills or transfer money.

The integration with WeChat will also be present:

“CoinBene will provide various financial services aimed at digital integration.

We want to revolutionise the Brazilian financial market.”

said Feng Bo, CEO of CoinBene.

After Coinbase, which has recently announced its crypto debit card, and the Litecoin Foundation which launched a card in collaboration with BitBox, CoinBene is also entering this new world. The platform claims to have integrated

“many cryptocurrencies.

Account deposits can be made directly from the CoinBene account via, for example, bank transfer. The CoinBene Card will make transactions available almost instantly and without fees, including the use of a QR code.

“Besides the traditional ATMs, the CoinBene Card customer will manage to withdrawal money in any establishment that has the label “Friendly Withdraw”, estimated to be more than 15,000 places in Brazil”.

MasterCard manages the CoinBene card and allows all its customers to become part of the loyalty system that involves the accumulation of points. The exchange, together with the payment service provider, will jointly celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Republic of China, which will engage a large number of Brazilian customers residing in China and vice versa.

There are thousands of shops using cashback services, which are also available using CoinBene’s card. This service, which varies from 1% to 10% allows obtaining credit that can be used to make other purchases, but it can also be withdrawn.

Thanks to the integration with WeChat, the messaging app that has almost a billion users in China alone, there will be new services: it will be possible to order food, pay a taxi, book trips or consult a doctor, all thanks to the use of WeChatPay.