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The Brave browser allows withdrawing BAT tokens

Brave is committed to revolutionising the world of online advertising and focuses on cutting-edge user experience, privacy and BAT, a cryptocurrency that eliminates intermediaries from the advertising process. The latest version of the browser, which is enjoying great success, has been released a few days ago and allows users to withdraw their tokens.

This feature has been expected for months and the developers have finally decided to make it available.

The news is confirmed by the product manager of the browser, Alex Wykoff, through a post on the official blog. For the moment, withdrawals are only available in the nightly version (i.e. the version still under development).

The nightly version is to be considered unstable: it is designed for those who want to try and test the new features. Developers are working to solve some of the key problems in this version: for example, the user’s wallet address and Uphold username are visible to content creators when sending suggestions, and now only publishers with an active channel can complete the verification process.

Brave browser, withdrawal of funds through UpHold

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For the withdrawal of the BAT tokens, Brave is using the UpHold exchange: registration and verification of identity are required. Clearly, users who are already members of the exchange need to simply log in. Wykoff wanted to specify that Brave does not in any way come into possession of the registration data from UpHold, they are managed safely by the exchange.


The process that allows users to earn funds remains the same and consists of displaying ads with the browser. But now it is possible to increase the number of tokens by buying them on UpHold, for example through a credit card. The exchange allows content creators to receive donations, even automatic ones.