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BitMarket: co-founder Tobiasz Niemiro is dead

Tobiasz Niemiro, 44, co-founder of the Polish exchange BitMarket, was found dead on July 25th in a forest near his home in Olsztyn, Poland.

Only 3 weeks ago the executive of BitMarket and partner of Tobias Niemiro, Marcin Aszkiełowicza, announced on Facebook the closure of the exchange due to lack of liquidity. 

The closure led to the disappearance of 2300 BTC and for this reason, investigations were opened by the district office of Suwalki, where about 400 users of the platform contacted the authorities for the sudden closure of the exchange and the loss of their funds.

Only 4 days after the exchange closed, the co-founder gave a radio interview, stating that he had sold BitMarket shares in 2017 and that now it was no longer up to him.

“I lost everything because somebody led to the collapse of the exchange. Now I’m losing face and [a] good name for which I’ve worked all my life. I am one of the victims.”

Unfortunately, even the various cases of hacker attacks that the platform has suffered in recent years have made it difficult to keep the BitMarket exchange going and this would be one of the reasons for its closure.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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