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China’s crypto ranking: EOS in first place

The China Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) has updated for the 12th time its technology ranking dedicated to crypto. 

In the first place of the crypto ranking, EOS stands out this time, to which the CCID assigns a total score of 148.5. Second place is occupied by TRON (144.1) and third place by Ethereum (136.6). Bitcoin is only 12th with a total score of 101.1.

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In the ranking, there are also two new cryptocurrencies: Cosmos and Zilliqa that respectively debut in 10th and 24th place, so Cosmos is entering two positions above Bitcoin.

The CCID Blockchain research institute, which includes in its ranking only public blockchains (permissionless), evaluates projects by assigning three distinct scores:

  1. underlying technology;


  1. applicability of the project;


  1. creativity rate.

The three scores, added together, form the total index that assigns the final ranking to each blockchain.

The CCID Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index, created in May 2017, is updated very frequently, the last one in order of time (the 11th) dates back only to the month of May. The ranking is developed in collaboration with the China Software Evaluation Center.

Steem and Ontology rewarded as well

The index also rewards Steem and Ontology, respectively in fourth and fifth place with scores more detached from the first three: 111.7 and 110.4.

Going through the crypto ranking, BitShares is in 7th place with 109 points and NEO in 8th with 106.6 points.

Stellar is in 11th place with 101.7 points just ahead of BTC. Ripple is down to 17th place with 93.9 points and Bitcoin Cash to 29th place with only 85.4 points.

NEM, with its 69.8 points, occupies the 35th and last place.

The technological ranking

If only a technological innovation ranking were to be drawn up, EOS would remain in first place and Justin Sun’s TRON in second place, while Steem would climb to third place overtaking Ethereum, which would slide further down, surpassed by BitShares (84.5), GXChain (82.4) and Ontology (81.3).

Bitcoin wins for creativity

The ranking leaves Bitcoin with the prize for creativity (39.6), significantly higher than the other projects. In this ranking, Ethereum is second (31) and Lisk third (30,2).

Fabio Carbone
Fabio Carbone
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