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Travala: 70% of bookings paid in crypto

Yesterday Travala published its monthly report for July, which shows a 20% increase in the number of bookings paid in crypto compared to the previous month.

In detail, the report shows that 833 rooms were booked only in July and that this led to an increase of 18.8% compared to the previous month, even exceeding the month of June, which already saw an increase of 17.4%.

The average cost of reservations was $136 and once again bitcoin (BTC) was the preferred payment method for users with 25% share. Then, in second place, there is the Travala token (AVA) with 17%, while in third place there is Dash with 11%.

July’s favourite destinations were the United States, Thailand, Germany, Turkey, France, Australia, Canada, Portugal and Spain, and 73% of bookings were paid for with crypto.

Travala allows the so-called SMART program: according to the level reached by the user and the tokens staked on the platform, the user is entitled to a discount on bookings. Also, in this case, there was an increase in SMART members of 24.5% with additional 366 members, leading 1500500 AVA tokens to be frozen, which corresponds to 2.44% of the total supply of 61571086 AVA.

Travala is, therefore, achieving important results also thanks to the recent investment by NEO EcoFund that is allowing the company to expand even further, especially because there’s a lot of competition. Yesterday came the announcement of the partnership between Cheapair.com and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) enabling payments via crypto when booking hotels or flights.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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