Trinity: an update for the IOTA wallet coming soon
Trinity: an update for the IOTA wallet coming soon

Trinity: an update for the IOTA wallet coming soon

By Alfredo de Candia - 7 Aug 2019

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A few days ago IOTA announced the start of the upgrade phase of the Trinity V2 wallet.


The Trinity wallet is already used by over 10,000 users and this update aims to increase its functionality. The IOTA team has decided to add the following functions in version 1 before moving on to the development of version 2.

  • Support for Nano X Bluetooth Ledger: in V1 it will be possible to connect the Ledger without the need to use the cable;
  • The developer mode for the desktop version of the wallet: with this update, it will be possible to use the wallet with devnets and private tangles allowing for a more direct process;
  • The Spent Address Recovery tool: previously many users sent funds to spent addresses and had to use the so-called CLI wallet to recover them. With this update, however, the process will be easier to use since, when spending through an IOTA address, 50% of the address’s private key is revealed and it is necessary to use the Bundle Hash Mining to reveal as little information as possible.

Finally, the IOTA team is also developing a modular system to give access to the API:

“We plan a highly modular system, built around a core account module (a future iteration of the one already available in the client libraries). The module exposes an access-controlled API for third party plug-ins to access core functions such as transfer initiation, address generation, chat integrated commands etc. This opens up Trinity for developers to implement their own modules that directly interface with user accounts. On a simple level this enables things like exchange integration, but also the possibility of many exciting future use cases.”

These are just some of the functions that the team will introduce in the update while others are still waiting for improvement and approval. Users can actively participate both in deciding which functions to introduce and in voting for those proposed on the GitHub page.

Alfredo de Candia

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