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Block.one: a patent for ID recognition on EOS

Block.one recently registered a new patent for a digital identity (DI) recognition system based on the EOS blockchain.

As can be read from the title of the patent, “Systems and Methods for Creating a secure Digital Identity”, it refers to a digital identity system that would be able to identify someone either by its own terminal or by using private keys.

These keys would then be loaded on an auditable chain of a public ledger, presumably EOS, thus eliminating the need for the famous KYC (Know Your Customer).

According to the information provided, the patent was filed on December 11th and only later was it approved on June 18th of this year. The patent is active from today and will end on December 11th, 2038.

The system uses an electronic device such as a smartphone. The information entered will be combined with the user’s private keys through a selfie made by the same terminal. 

“After the two individuals take their joint photo together, the application on each device taking the photo uses recognition techniques, such as 3D-facial recognition, to verify that two individuals are in the photo and that the authenticated individual of the device is one of those two. When the application has confirmed those conditions, the application signs the joint photo with the device’s digital signature capability, then sends a copy of the photo to the other individual’s device.”

The system will certainly be introduced in the upcoming social network, Voice, based on the EOS blockchain. During the Washington event a couple of months ago, Larimer had in fact anticipated the fact of identifying the users of the social platform through an identification system.


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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