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The testnet of Facebook Libra is now available on the ZenGo wallet

Yesterday, through the official Twitter account, the well-known ZenGo platform announced that it has introduced the testnet dedicated to the Libra cryptocurrency of the giant Facebook into its keyless crypto wallet service.

This is the first consumer platform on which it is currently possible to use Facebook Libra, although obviously, these are fictitious tokens used exclusively for testing.

With this move, ZenGo aims to become the first third-party mobile wallet to fully support the Libra cryptocurrency as soon as the mainnet is released.

Users will be able to send, receive, backup or restore their Libra wallet without the need for KYC and without having to use private keys.

ZenGo becomes the first mobile wallet to support Facebook Libra

When reading the official press release on the company’s blog, there is information indicating that it is possible to access the Facebook Libra testnet using the virtual Account button, which can be accessed after logging in to the platform.

By clicking on it, it is possible to activate the account on the Libra testnet. In addition, as specified by the press release, when this feature is activated, some fictitious tokens will be automatically sent to the wallets of users, allowing them to test the sending and receiving of tokens.

Simultaneously with Libra’s announcement, Facebook unveiled the first official wallet of the currency, Calibra, which, however, has not yet been released. Unlike ZenGo’s solution, Calibra is a custodial wallet, meaning that the company has total control over the funds and transactions of users’ accounts.

By contrast, the ZenGo wallet, besides being the first solution ready for Facebook’s Libra, is a non-custodial wallet. This means that only users can control and move their funds.

Libra has often been the focus of attention in recent days, partly because of the recent announcement of the Venus project by Binance, and partly because of the various disputes between the regulatory bodies of the various countries, which have shown a certain resentment towards the Facebook cryptocurrency.

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