United States, France and Germany leaders in the number of Bitcoin nodes
United States, France and Germany leaders in the number of Bitcoin nodes

United States, France and Germany leaders in the number of Bitcoin nodes

By Michele Porta - 22 Aug 2019

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A new recent study shows how the main Bitcoin nodes are distributed worldwide.

In more detail, the study looked at the number of full clients managing the Bitcoin network and dealing with all the transactions not yet added to the blockchain, which must be validated to keep the network secure.

Ranking by country

Among the many reasons that make bitcoin unique, one of the most important is that it is designed to be a global currency accessible by anyone, anywhere and without restrictions.

The total number of nodes worldwide, according to BitNodes, is about 9465.

However, the data has repeatedly shown that investors and companies dedicated to the crypto world with headquarters in the United States dominate the cryptocurrency market as a whole. This recent study on the arrangement of bitcoin nodes also confirms that the United States is at the top of the ranking.

The US ranks as the country with the highest number of bitcoin nodes, with a total of 2,349 nodes. Germany and France follow with 1,924 and 604 nodes each.

These three countries together represent more than 50% of the total number of nodes around the world.

Further down in the ranking are other European and Asian countries, each with between 2% and 5%. These include countries such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Russia, China, Singapore and Japan. Canada is also among the top ten.

Together, these countries represent about 25% of the total nodes.

This means that the rest of the world holds the remaining 25% of all existing nodes which have not yet been considered.

It is interesting to note that the distribution of nodes is almost entirely concentrated in industrialised countries with a strong economy.

This is not so surprising when considering that the bitcoin network requires increasingly high-performance infrastructure and an Internet connection to function properly.

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